Perpetual Loop & Elvya- Time To Breathe

This is an amazing collaboration between Perpetual Loop and Elvya. What started out as one track, ended up being this beautiful EP. Elvya is an amazing vocalist and they had such a great time creating these tracks together. It’s a different approach to creating tracks. Instruments have to play around the vocals and visa versa.

An Exclusive album release! Tracks from the album will be released, staggered over the next couple of months on all streaming platform. The album will appear on them later in the year. Buy to the album below.

You can find out more about Elvya Dulcimer here :

Each track is very different from each other, which added to the fun and the creativity. Obviously the star of the show is her vocals.

Here is a sample of the EP :

Reborn introduces a new artist : Charles Howard. Same guy, different style. Hope you like

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digitalduvet • 23rd February 2024

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