Perpetual Loop – Behind the mask

Behind the mask is a chill out EP that takes you on a journey through a landscape of sounds and moments. The EP starts with a sense of loneliness and takes to realms full of hope and warmth. Behind the mask is about finding, exposing and understanding the real person behind the mask. The real…

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Perpetual Loop – Sabre of Light (Single)

Sabre of Light is a single from Perpetual Loop’s next album. The single comes in two forms. The main track and another more laid back version. Perfect for the afternoon. The track is a 4 / 4 chilled track taking you on a journey of sonic beauty and depth. Buy || Listen


Isolation – Perpetual Loop

Isolation is the result of an unexpected project. Like many other people around the world, the last several months, personally, have been strange, lonely, challenging, enlightening, uplifting, crazy and sometimes even beautiful. Confined by rules, restricted by boundaries, this created a unique environment to work on ideas that reflected the new surroundings. Sometimes introvert, sometimes…

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