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Digital Duvet is evolving. Historically, Digital Duvet has released music compiled, composed, produced  or mastered by Charles Massey. However he has always seen the label growing to support new and emerging artists, and now he feels is the right time for the next step.

To that extent the next step in the Journey is to introduce new and existing artists on this sonic landscape. So as of mid 2022 new names are beginning to appear, either as guest artists or members of the label itself.

Over time the hope is to evolve further into a brand where one-off nights, festivals and tours will occur for the artists under the Digital Duvet cover. However this is just a dream at the moment, and it’s key that this process grows organically, at its own pace, creating a solid foundation to build further on.

Digital Duvet invites you to join this journey and make it as successful as it can be.

As always all releases can be bought on digital or limited released CD via bandcamp (store link above) as well as the wider known online shops digitally (amazon, itunes, google play,etc).

Feel free to contact us for demo submissions, releases, live performances or anything else of interest.

Contact us @ info@digitalduvet.co.uk