universal flow - perpetual loop

Universal Flow – Perpetual Loop

Re-released with a new track

Immersed in “Universal Flow” are virtual teleportation devices to other places and times, some real, yet at the same time, wholly unimagined… until now. Perpetual Loop’s musical expertise has led to a solid album and has helped him forge his own signature style and take on downtempo chillout electronica with just this one debut album. The pianowork and strings ensembles alone make these tracks a must-listen, but combined with lovingly twisted synths and digital sounds and beats hearkening from nearly forgotten corners of the world makes it even better. “Universal Flow” is distinctly a step away from the cookie-cutter dubtronica downtempo heard so much these days.

This Digital Download contains an additional bonus track never released on the CD (but was intended too). Finally put back into it’s rightful place.

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digitalduvet • 27th July 2006

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