the way i see - enoch prusak

the way i see – Enoch Prusak

Enoch would say: “This, my first album, is an accumulation of moments, feelings and ideas. The tracks here express the calm and peacefulness I try and find in this otherwise mad and hectic place we all live in. The music here is synthetic and edgy, but with a soul and warmth; cinematic in places, lonely in others. I hope you enjoy what you hear.”

This is Enoch Prusak’s debut album following on from the success of contributing to ‘Injection to dreams’ (plusquam) and ‘When melancholy speaks to me’ (Uxaml Records). It’s a collection of ambient, chill out, electronic tracks with lush, cinematic scoring.

Influences for this work come from Jon Hopkin, Ulrich Schnauss, Vangelis, and many more, but is also very unique in its own right.


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digitalduvet • 6th May 2013

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